At LYC we specialise in recruiting only the best teachers and students for schools and universities in China

Teaching in China is an opportunity for qualified teachers and young adults with degrees to gain global exposure, this means having Chinese work experience on your resume can give you a competitive edge in the global job market. Schools in China seek to employ graduates, who are passionate about teaching and travel.

Why China,

As the fastest growing market for teachers abroad right now, with an estimated 300 million students learning English, it’s not difficult to see why China remains the Holy Grail for licenced and ESL teachers.

China is one of the World’s most fascinating country where one can experience China’s rich culture and traditions with the widest range of travel options in the world.

What we offer:

  • Finding you a well-established school which offers a 1 year placement
  • A driven and dedicated team who will assist you throughout the entire process.
  • Assisting with Travel Arrangements
  • Accommodation Set-Up
  • Support throughout your Stay in China